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Nehal's experience, coupled with her work with 3000 students and their parents through her NGOs, gave her valuable insights into the child psychology and education sector.

Nehal studied Parenting & Students Counseling, Holistic Healing, and Relationship Counseling at NHCA Singapore in 2021, which provided her with additional skills and knowledge for career counselling. In 2022, she began to work as a freelancer, advising individuals on their career paths. As a career counsellor, Nehal assists her clients in becoming aware of their strengths and interests and guides them to choose a profession that perfectly aligns with them. As a result, she has paved the way for numerous successful career journeys.


Nehal is determined to make a name for herself as a career counsellor in South Delhi within the next five years. Her ambition is to open a three-room office with a prominent hoarding advertising "The Purple Gems Career Counseling." she looks forward to counseling her students, whom she and her team refer to as “Gems,” which are Amythysts – the purple-colored gemstones known for success. With her passion, dedication, and expertise, she is certain to make a positive difference in the lives of many people seeking career advice.

Nehal's interest in counseling stems from the positive feedback she has received from those around her. As a good listener, problem solver, and parenting expert, Nehal is well-suited to offer guidance and support to parents and students seeking career and other behavioral advices. With her two children studying at IIT, she is often praised for her parenting skills and frequently asked to counsel parents and students to help them achieve academic success.


As an author of three parenting books, ‘The Blue Whale,’ 'Surf the WAVES' and 'From Screen to Sky,' Nehal believes that her work as a counselor will enhance the trust and credibility of her content among her readers. With her natural ability to connect with people and provide valuable guidance, Nehal is an ideal choice for anyone seeking career counseling. Her wealth of experience and passion for helping others makes her an asset to anyone looking to make the right career choices.

Career counselling, according to Nehal, is critical for students to reach their full potential. With over 15 years of experience working with 3000 students through her NGO, Udaan, she has organized numerous events such as inter-school competitions and summer camps. Further, Nehal has completed the Global Career Counsellor Green Belt training, which provides her with knowledge of global options for her clients. According to Nehal, counselling should be sought at least twice during a student's ten-year academic career, if the student is highly confused. Counsellor can assist them in identifying their strengths, dreams, and abilities and guiding them toward their best career goal. Through Nehal’s counselling, she aims to help students to make informed decisions at crucial junctures of their lives. Nehal's guidance, counselling skills, and educational experience make her an excellent choice for anyone looking for career advice. Besides, her friendly behavior and excellent communication skills, she does wonders with students, as well as parents.

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We wish golden fortune for our gems and leave no stone unturned in playing best role in studding Amethysts and Sapphires in the paths of our students.

We, at The Purple Gems, offer expert and personalized guidance to individuals seeking career advice. Our team of experienced career counsellors provide comprehensive assessments of each individual's interests, strengths, and goals to help them make informed decisions about their career paths. Our motto is "With The Purple Gems,” you will get rid of all your career and course-related worries & dilemmas, and your career will shine like lustrous gems," .

We aim to provide a stress-free experience for individuals looking to pursue their dream careers Join The Purple Gems today and let us help you find the perfect career path that aligns with your interests and passions.

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